What is Pitch My Style?

PitchMyStyle is an iOS platform designed to grow labels and brands, by connecting them with popular Instagram influencers and the creative industry to do paid promotional work. It is a peer-to- peer direct marketing designed to help your business grow.

WithPitchMyStyle you can be a promoter or post to promote your own brand, company, product or service. Find your best collaboration, Gain audience and Grow your brand!


How to use:


Download the app from the Apple Store. It's Free.

Sign in with Instagram or Facebook account.

Find your best collaboration as promoter.

Or post request to promote your product, brand or service

Name your budget and let collaborators find you.




  • Instead of hiring PR agencies and branding agencies, promote your directly to your fans online and save money.
  • Create an online presence by getting promoted by biggest social media influencers to have your brand noticed. Create your own designs or browse through the products in the list that would go with your product to make it more attractive.


  •  Run your own social profile on PitchMyStyle, free of agency constraints and fees.
  •  Get more audience. Get noticed!


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